Primary School

Primary Section at The Secunderabad Public School offers an opportunity for wholesome personality development. The teaching is mostly activity based so that the students learn by doing.

Hands on Activities in Maths and Science from Butterfly Fields : Six group activities with relevant equipment, to reinforce concepts being taught in the respective class shall be taken up twice a month for all students from class 1 – 5. These activities will be mapped to the curriculum for each month. A folder for each topic, containing relevant literature and worksheets shall be given to each student, as and when topics are being taken up in class.

Value Education : The school counselor has designed a value education book called ‘ Build Me Up’ which focuses on four areas of development i.e. Physical Development, Social Development, Spiritual Development and Emotional development. The books for classes 1-4 are the same, but the teacher resource book suggests various activities for each level, to reinforce the values. These books are being retained in school to ensure that each child’s book is in class when required.

Math Lab : A well equipped, beautiful laboratory to explore various concepts in Mathematics will be in use for all students from class I upwards. Specific periods for Math Lab will be allotted for each section to make use of the lab.