The NCC cadets JD/JW are from S.P.S attending ATC X at Bison training ground Secunderabad from 8 Nov to 16 Nov 2018. In that camp one of our JW/ Cadet Shreya Samanta class IX B selected Best Anchor got Gold medal.

Sayan Bhowmick of Class IX A from the S.P.S west marredpally who belongs to (4(T) BN NCC has participated in all Indian trekking expedition camp – 1 2018 held at NCC nagar tirupathi from 20 oct to 27 oct 2018.

 The Secunderabad Public School conducted the painting contest for Ncc cadets JD JW on 12.03.10 Theme save Flore and Fanuna for better health.

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The Secunderabad Public School West Marredpally NCC Cadets JD/JW have 1 participated in  SWACHHTA PAKHWADA Activities conducted in the school premises on 7/12/2017



TOTAL                     = 66

In presence of  PL CHM Narender  Singh belongs to 4T BN NCC ANO III officer  Venkat Rao SPS.

  IMG_20171207_161229 IMG_20171207_163940 IMG_20171207_163957 IMG_20171207_164005 IMG_20171207_164037 IMG_20171207_161244 IMG_20171207_161656 IMG_20171207_162422 IMG_20171207_163929













IMG_20171207_172049 IMG_20171207_172053 IMG_20171207_164005
IMG_20171207_164318_3 IMG_20171207_164321








AIDS awareness program cum ralley conducted by KIMS hospital at hocky police ground, begumpet from MMHS -10, SPS-15, Mudfort school -10 total-35 cadets Ano- Venkat rao(sps), Cto- Rekha & PI- Chm Devinder singh participated..
chief guest IPS Dcp sumathi, IAS Padmaja, MLA Saianna, n other political leaders participated

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-08 at 12.14.22 PM WhatsApp Image 2017-12-08 at 12.14.21 PM

T. MANIDEEP of class IXB. from The Secunderabad Public School. West Marredpally  who belongs to 4 (T)BN NCC  has participated in NATIONAL INTEGRATION CAMP [NIC-II]  2017 held at WARANGAL [TELANGANA]  from 13th  Nov to 24th  Nov 2017. He has secured 1st position in solo singing.  


NCC Cadet from SPS he has attended National Intergration Camp (NIC) – All India level was held at Nalla Malla Reddy Foundation School, Gatkesar. 3rd August 2017 to 12th August 2017 


                  Sai Lalith Reddy – IX (TS16/JD/A/104/920)

Commanding officer Kirshor Kumar More Lt. COL . 4 (T)BN NCC has Visited to The Secunderabad Public School on 21-08-2017  and accompanied by S.M Sukhdev singh  In the  presence of The Secunderabad Public School  Principal Mrs. J.Sujata  and ANO. Mr. M Venkat Rao.

DSC02189 DSC02178 DSC02187 DSC02188            



DSC02125 DSC02126

Entrollment of TSPS NCC Cadets JD/JW Academic Year 2017-2018

Conducted by 4(T) BN NCC

Sukhdev Singh ,(S.M) Harjinder Singh training (J.C.O) 


DSC01927 DSC01907 DSC01908


The following NCC cadets attended ATC-I (T) Bn. Girls was held at  BISON TRAINING GROUND, 29th May 2017 to 7th June 2017.

 1st Place in Debate JALAGAM CHIRU SANKETH – XB TS16/JD/A/101900

2nd Place in 100Mts. Sprint SAI SHASHANK– XC  TS16/JD/A/101923


IMG_7992 IMG_7993

The NCCJD/ Ajay Praneet Veturi class XB. from The Secunderabad Publics School. West Marredpally  belong to 4 (T)BN NNC  He has participated in All India Shivaji Tekking 2016 held at kothapur (Maharashtra) from 30 Nov to 10 Dec 2016

 Reg No TS15/JDA/104853

NCC Cadet JD are participated from The Secunderabad Public School Haritha Haram Belongs to 4(T) BN NCC Secunderabad Group. At Defence Colony


Secured  second position in ATC II NCC Camp (30th May to 8th June 2016)

The following NCC students attended ATC-II camp which was held at Bison Training Ground from 30th May to 8th June 2016.

First Place in Tug of War – JW

1) N. Aishwarya

2)  Aarthi

3) Krishitha Rathod

4) C. Harini

5) N. Mythri

First Place in Group Dace

1) K.V.S. Varshit

2) S.K. Asraf Ali

3) M. Akhil

4) G. Adithya

5) Hareem Edla

Second place in Drill competition

1) Shiksha Pandey

2) N. Gaurav Srinivas

3) N. Sai Rahul

4) E. Mehul

5) Sai Teja

6) Ajay. P

7) U. Jaideep

8) R. Daarwika

9) G. Shreya

10) C. Akash

Second place in Relay Race(200mts)

1) V. Jaideep

2) M. Akhil

3) N. Mythri

4) Y.S. Mathangi



DSC09733 DSC09757 DSC09764 DSC09782 DSC09788

NCC Cadet JD/JW are participated in World Earth day  (Rally) on date 16/04/2016 belong to 4(T)BN NCC Secunderabad Group




Following NCC Cadet JD/JW participated in World water day HSL Club Hussian Sagar Lake catch ment Area improvement project (HCIP, HMDA) Telangana State.


  1. Mask making:- Secured Ist Position                                                         Name:-  Mehel Class IX A
  2. And also school got over all Best team TrophyDSC08896

20160322_102410 DSC08881 20160322_102830

To bring out the leadership and independent qualities among the students, the school offers N.C.C(Army Wing) at the junior wing level. The students are given periodic training at the school. They are also sent to various camps across the country. The students are expected to participate in these camps with the consent of the parents and the school.


NCC Cadets JD/JW are participated in International Yoga Day which celebrated in Parade Ground on June 21st 2015.

  1. Group Commander Secunderabad Col . A.K Singh
  2. Col T.V.R Satayanrana  Commandant Officer.
  3. 4 (T) BN NCC
  4.  Col Sukh Dev Singh SM





Following NCC Cadets are participated in Swatch Bharat from The Secunderabad Public School.At Bison training ground


The following NCC cadets are participated in ATC –XI To BE HELD AT BISON TRAINING GROUND , SECUNDERABAD  W.E.F 11TH DEC 2015 TO 18TH DEC 2015.


DSC08339We secured 2nd position in Event Tug-of-war 2015


NCC Cadet D. Jayanth Kumar Class X from The Secunderabad Public School West Marredpally belong to 4(T) BN NCC participated in All india NIC Camp (National Integration Camp) held at Golconda Army Center. From 17th Oct 2015 to 28th Oct 2015.



NCC Cadet J. Nishi Patel and D. Aksharay Class X The Secunderabad Public School West Marredpally belong to 4(T) BN NCC participated in All India Trekking expedition Ajmer Trek

  1. From November 17th to 26th November 2015