Chairman’s Message


It gives me immense sense of happiness and honour to declare that The Secunderabad Public School is all set to begin the new academic session 2018-19.

THE SECUNDERABAD PUBLIC SCHOOL is committed to supporting innovation and giving rein to creativity and imagination to all our students, by providing the best kind of learning which is not limited to the confines of 4 walls. We encourage our students to make use of everything they see around them, to continually question and inquire, and to be life-long enthusiastic learners.

My only advice to teachers and parents is to allow our children to explore and experiment, as learning to be Resourceful will empower them to succeed in a changing world. I also recommend that we empower them to become productive and Responsible members of the society and treat each other with Respect and dignity.

A child is a positive asset and a precious national resource which needs to be cherished, nurtured and developed with tenderness and care coupled with dynamism and to reach this goal, a sound education system is the basic requirement.

Here at THE SECUNDERABAD PUBLIC SCHOOL, every effort is made to provide challenging classroom experiences designed to encourage curiosity, self-expression, joy, and aesthetic sensibility. Our classes are small and facilitators encourage individual students to participate actively in The Secunderabad Public School cussions, to collaborate creatively to solve problems, to communicate their ideas effectively, and to learn from each other.

Welcome to THE SECUNDERABAD PUBLIC SCHOOL. Come; let’s embark on a journey that will bring much joy and success to everyone at  THE SECUNDERABAD PUBLIC SCHOOL this academic year.

Smt. P. Jyothi


The Secunderabad Public School